That’s How Winners Look!

They’re laughing and smiling. And for a very good reason. They’re the first winners to the INHORGENTA AWARD. IsabelleFa (in the category of “Fine Jewelry”), Sif Jakobs (“Fashion Jewelry”), Junghans (“Watch”), Roberto Demeglio (“Designer”), Addore (“Retailer”) and Liliana Guerreiro (“Audience Award”) share the pleasure along with Klaus Dittrich, the head of the trade fair. Everyone is excited about the new award in the jewelry and watch industry, which over 100 contestants had hoped to win this year.

The Award


None of the winners were aware of their good fortune when moderator Nina Ruge opened the exclusive gala shortly after 8 p.m. Finally, only three contestants remained in the race in each category. But 2½ hours later, the winners knew for sure: they had won the first INHORGENTA AWARD! And each of them is now the proud owner of the circa three-kilogram bronze trophy, which symbolizes a diamond.

IsabelleFa bested fellow nominees Meister and Yana Nesper in the category of “Fine Jewelry.” Sif Jakobs finished ahead of Schmuckwerk and Bernd Wolf in the category of “Fashion Jewelry.” Junghans won first place ahead of Casio and Dufa in the “Watch” category. Roberto Demeglio earned top honors ahead of Bastard Collection and Corinna Heller in the category of “Designer.” And Munich’s Addore topped Oeding-Erdel and Lorenz to win the “Retail” category.

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