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“My gut feeling plays a big role” | Jewelry designer and actress Barbara Becker talks about her task as a juror for the INHORGENTA AWARD and about her special relationship with Munich.


Jewelry designer and actress Barbara Becker talks about her task as a juror for the INHORGENTA AWARD and about her special relationship with Munich.

The conferral of the INHORGENTA AWARD will take place for the second time in Munich. What relationship do you have with the city by the Isar River?

Munich will always be my hometown because that’s where my two children were born. For me, Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. Munich has international flair. Beside that, what I especially appreciate is: one has friends here, friends for a lifetime. 

What do you appreciate most about jewelry and watches?

Jewelry and watches offer fantastic opportunities to express personal style and the momentary mood. One should always keep two questions in mind: What is the occasion? And what can one wear them with: for example, a daringly bold wristwatch or an eye-catching piece of jewelry. But one shouldn’t overdo it, otherwise the accessory won’t seem so special – and that will look cheap.

You’re joining the jury of the INHORGENTA AWARD as a new juror. How do you see yourself as a juror?

My gut feeling plays a major role in my decisions. I also want to know the stories behind the submitted pieces and how they were fabricated. I’m enthusiastic about the craft of jewelry and the love for details that’s associated with it.

How will you and the other jurors reach a consensus?

I’m looking forward to the collaboration and to the different viewpoints of the various jurors. In our own special ways, each of us is unique, creative and an accurate observer. And each of us will contribute our experiences and know-how to the evaluative process.

In your opinion, what significance does the INHORGENTA AWARD have for the industry?

The awards in the various categories simply honor the best products and achievements in the industry. Receiving this award also helps to make an artist or a company better known.

Which jewelry do most like to wear? 

The pieces that I don’t have to return afterwards! (laughter) I’ve often bought pieces on the spur of the moment, and fortunately I’ve never regretted those purchases. Seriously, though, my favorite pieces are the ones that serve as souvenirs: they call to mind memories of wonderful moments and moods. My most recent purchase was a watch as a birthday present for my life partner.

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